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Note from the Publisher:

On March 8, 2011, I was on the New York City committee for International Women’s Day. That was the day I met Norka Blackman-Richards and several members of 4 Real Women International (4RWI). In the years since, I have come to know and love this dynamic nonprofit organization and the fierce women who have built it. 

4RWI is a 100% volunteer-driven charity in its 10th year of mentoring and empowering women, which makes right now an ideal time to honor and celebrate Real Women’s Stories. This book reflects the incredible beauty and the burdens of life, the highs and lows of being a woman.

I am proud of the twelve brave women who are sharing their truths. There is no doubt that these deeply personal, revealing stories will prompt lively discussion in any book club. 

2018 Table of Contents
Chapter 1:  Mom & Me
Chapter 2:  A Genuine Smile
Chapter 3:  The Choice
Chapter 4:  A Bundle of Love and Joy
Chapter 5:  A Victory Over Violence
Chapter 6:  The Historical Artist Goes Home
Chapter 7:  Monica & Me
Chapter 8:  Lion Lullabies
Chapter 9:  Tough Girls Wear Anchors
Chapter 10:  What Did I Get Myself Into?
Chapter 11:  Surviving & Thriving
Chapter 12:  Being Still, and Listening

Books have the power to unite strangers across time, distance, culture, and experience. They help us to feel less alone, and remind us that we are far more similar than different.

50% of net sales will go to support innovative programs for women's independence and leadership development. To learn more, go to www.4rwi.org.

You can follow announcements and updates about the book at www.facebook.com/realwomensstories. Stay tuned and happy reading.

Beth Kallman Werner
Founder and President, Author Connections


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